Buy Your 14k White Gold and Beautiful Vera Wang Rings

Engagement is definitely a special day for the couples as it marks their beginning into a new life. Everywhere there is love, happiness, and romance that bind them together. One of the most integral parts of the engagement is the ring that is not only a symbol of togetherness but the love and affection you share. It is a symbol of harmony that you too bring in your love story. So a beautiful ring is something that can add charm to the occasion and sparkle your life with new hopes. Choosing the right ring for yourself or for your partner can be a daunting work. It is because of the number of options that are available before you.


With time the trends in jewelry have changed a lot and people are now preferring diamonds over gold. Diamonds not only look rich but come in exciting colors too so you can easily pick an appealing design for yourself. Though, most of the buyers focus on the design thereby compromising the quality however, this is definitely a wrong approach. Just like the design of the ring is important, so is the quality as you will not want the ring to become useless after some time. This is the reason that you need to ensure both the aspects no matter what metal type you are choosing for the ring.

The engagements rings are divided into different collections based on the theme. For example, you have the love collection which is exclusively meant for the couples. Engagement rings and wedding rings are a part of this collection with fresh and trendy designs coming your way. One such option that is slowly becoming popular day by day is the Vera Wang rings which too are a part of the love collection. These are special types of rings and solely made for engagements or weddings only. That is why its design is so heavy such that it looks beautiful and suits your finger as well. This love collection is highly dazzling and you will definitely love the choices open before you.

There are innumerable options in the Vera Wang rings but the 14k white gold square frame wedding ring has caught the attention of the people. The round center surrounded by a square shaped frame gives it a fresh look thereby making it one of the popular choices. The sparkling effect makes the ring look not only pretty but the finest choice for the occasion. If you wish to buy a ring that has an exclusive design, your search ends with this magnificent choice that will spread the fragrance of love.

It is definitely not easy to pick one choice until you have explored the other options. But when you will see this square shaped diamond ring you will forget everything and just want to grab it. The appealing design and the beauty it has is definitely attention-grabbing feature. The Vera Wang rings as we all know are highly remarkable and that is why it is the first preference of the buyers.

Before buying the ring there are lots of attributes you need to ponder over so that you are able to make an apt choice. So here is a little more information about the 14k white gold square frame wedding ring that will certainly help you to make your selection.

  • Fabulous design

If you are bored with the same round shaped rings then try the 14k white gold square frame wedding ring. In this, you have around small center lined with square shaped diamonds in two layers. So the overall design is quite different and gives it a gaudy look as well. It also has two blue sapphires on the each end thus bringing out the real beauty of the ring. So if you are looking for something very special for your beloved or would be a wife then this can be an excellent and worth making choice. The credit is definitely to the design which has a superb combination of white and blue sapphires.

  • Made of white gold

Yellow gold is no more in trend while the people are now switching to white gold which really dazzles the jewelry. Even this ring is designed using the white gold which augments the appearance of the complete ring thereby proving to be a great choice for the buyers. Also, the white gold looks decent as well simple which is very much admired by the women. So why not stay in trend and try this fashionable ring which is sure to lure you.

  • VVS1 clarity

When buying the ring the metal clarity is one of the biggest aspects that you need to consider. There are so many ranges available in the clarity band but the 14k white gold square frame wedding ring has VVS1 clarity which suits it appropriately and the best you can get. To know more about the clarity of the diamonds you can definitely go online and grab the information about it. This will help you to get familiar with what clarity is and how it will affect the look of your ring.

  • 1.85 carat in weight

Though the design of the ring is big but still the weight is just 1.85 carat only which means that it is easy to handle the ring on a daily basis as well. If you wish to wear the ring on a regular basis you will not feel discomfort in any way but will love wearing it and flaunt your beauty. So this is yet another aspect which makes this ring a superb choice and ideal for the occasions like wedding and engagements both. Light in weight rings are simple to carry and have become the most sought after choices especially among the working women.

  • Dazzling diamonds

The shine of the diamonds is most important as it should sparkle like anything. Just like any other Vera Wang rings, even this one has a number of small and big stones which are put together in such a way that it leaves a big shine on the ring thereby setting it apart from the other options. This clearly indicates that the diamonds are pure and you need not worry about this aspect in any way.

  • Bezel setting

In diamonds, its setting is a crucial feature which can make a big difference to the design and durability of the Vera Wang rings. This is the reason that special emphasis should be given to the fact that what is the setting and how the diamonds are arranged. This 14k ring has bezel setting which means that the diamonds are set together in a firm manner so as to give it a sparkling touch. You also have the prong setting which is quite different from the bezel and is found in many rings.

  • Size availability

The 14k square-shaped ring is available in all the sizes from 4 being the smallest and 13 being the largest. The size chart can better help you in this concern as it provides more details about the diameter and other aspects which can help you in choosing the right size for yourself. In case you have any confusion regarding the same you can check your size with any local ring as well. It is because confirming the size is necessary or else the ring may become either too loose or too tight thus creating problems for you.

  • Comes with a warranty

This 14k white gold ring comes with a warranty as well under which the product will be changed or replaced in case something goes wrong. This is surely a good for the buyers as they can use the ring regularly and see whether it is of the desired quality or not. If anything happens, the same will be replaced or corrected depending on the problem encountered. It is the designers who will be able to assist you in this direction.

  • Fully tested

No matter which type of Vera Wang rings you buy it is fully tested and only then given to you. In no way, there is any compromise with the quality and best efforts are put in so that the right ring comes your way. As you are purchasing it for the special occasion, therefore, everything will be done to make the moment happy as well as memorable for you. The ring comes with a certificate too that indicates the purity of the product.

  • Ideal for weddings and engagement

The Vera Wang rings are not only meant for occasions like engagement but you can buy them for weddings as well. You can give these rings as a gift to your friends, relatives, and families or even purchase it for your beloved. It is a perfect gift option and nothing can be a better than the diamonds on your special day. Thus there is nothing much to think because this ring is suitable and there is no match for it.

  • A great start for your new life

Rings are the best gift you can give to someone and with this 14k square ring, you can give a good start to your life and that too a romantic one. If you wish to please your beloved with a unique type of ring that matches their taste and preference then this is a ring you should not miss in any way. It can serve to be an amazing gift for your partner that she will always remember for a lifetime. And diamonds are really loved by the women so it can turn out to be a superb choice.

Thus the above features make it sure that it is worth buying this ring which is designed so fabulously and has a unique setting of the diamonds. It comes with a certificate as well so there is nothing to worry about as you can rest assured that you have made a decent choice. Also, the cost of the Vera Wang rings is quite reasonable to match up with your budget which is yet another thing that you be thinking of. So in all, everything is really good and there is no doubt why you should not go for this ring.

Amazon – your one stop destination to 14k white gold ring

If you have really admired the features of this ring and are planning to buy it, you can definitely go online for it. But a question arises that is it worth buying such an expensive thing through the internet. Yes, because there are lots of online stores which are reputed and you can trust without any doubt. So if you get associated with it, you can look forward to a seamless shopping experience with quality products coming your way.

Amazon is one such reliable online store whose products are always of top quality and especially if you are buying jewelry from them. This 14k white gold ring is a must to have in your collection as it is something that will remind you of the golden days when you were engaged or entered into a wedlock. So why not make this feel more special by purchasing it from a well-known online store and Amazon is surely the best you can find. Whether you talk about the quality of the ring or its genuineness everything is fully tested thus making it the only choice left before you. With this ring, you can bring that big smile on your beloved’s face as soon as this amazing ring reaches her.

Do not worry if you are thinking of buying it from Amazon as products are checked for authenticity and you get a certificate too. The exchange policies are fabulous and you can fulfil the payment through different modes thus making things easy for you. Hence you can clearly say that associating with Amazon can turn out to be a smart decision for you as their jewelry is certified with top notch quality coming your way. So you will not face any problem but will fall in love with the design, shine and brilliant cut of this fantastic 14k white gold and diamond ring.