Everything you need to know about microcurrent machine

Before you plan on buying a microcurrent machine, it is important that you educate yourself about everything you need to know when using this machine to maximize its usability and use it properly.

Microcurrent technology is the complete opposite of Botox. Botox will just inhibit the movements of the muscles that are responsible for expression lines. Once a muscle is rendered immobilized, it will utilize less energy compared to other and will eventually start to atrophy.

Microcurrent, on the other hand, will help in re-educating the muscles. Botox can make your face concave and hollow while the microcurrent can provide convexities on your face that make you look younger than what you are.

To put it simply, microcurrent machine is developed in order to treat facial palsy by re-educating the muscles, increasing the lymph and blood circulation, enhancing the penetration of the active ingredients that your skin care formulations contains, increasing the collagen and elastin production and increasing the protein synthesis, cell membrane transport, and gluconeogenesis as well.

Recent studies have proven that microcurrent technology helps to fight aging because it can release higher levels of adenosine triphosphate by about 500%. It is the fuel that a cell needs to function properly. It also helps you in boosting the protein synthesis that is required in repairing the tissues.

Now, if you are planning to purchase a microcurrent machine, there are some things that you need to remember. The machine is proven safe to use on your face, neck and even the areas under the eye. However, you should never use it on your eyelids. Make sure that you are also applying water-based gel to assure that the conductivity of the microcurrent machine makes it comfortable to use.

It will usually depend on the level of sensitivity of an individual, but there are times when the microcurrent just feels a little prickly and tingly. That’s just normal, though. What’s not normal is when you are having discomfort and pain while using the device. You should immediately stop using it and seek advice from your dermatologist to prevent further damage to your face.

In conclusion, microcurrent machine is for those people who wanted to relieve muscle pain and for those who are looking for ways in stimulating the muscles to bring back the youthful glow on their face. This technology is proven safe and effective so you should not doubt that. There are different microcurrent devices that are available in the market, and with just proper guidance, you can use it at home.

Just make sure that you read the instructions properly and you deeply understand how the microcurrent works to avoid costly mistakes. Educating yourself before buying the device is important if you wanted to achieve the desired results and maximize the usability and convenience of the microcurrent machine. If you are planning to buy now, you can start your search for a good quality microcurrent machines out there.

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