Finding the right leather backpack purse for travelling

If you are into travelling, you’ll eventually need a leather backpack purse. You can bring it anywhere and put your things on it while you are exploring around the area. So, if you are planning to buy one, here are some factors that you need to consider first:


What kind of purse should I buy?

In looking for the type of purse that you wanted to buy, make sure that it is labelled as “anti-theft”. It just means that the purse leather backpack purse should have anti-slash mesh and secret pockets for your valuable items.

Crossbody strap- Make sure that you could easily put the strap on one shoulder while the other strap can be left hanging on the opposite side. In that way, it will be more difficult for a theft to easily grab it off from your arms.

Size-The size should be manageable where you can put your keys, phone, wallet and other stuff but you can just block the access with using your hands only.

Durable fabric-You should also take the fabric into consideration. Always opt for fabrics that are durable and cannot be slashed easily. Leather Backpack purse are designed to be durable. You can also look for those with thick leather strap.

Zippers-Do not think about buying bags with snaps or those that are partially close when you are planning to use this purse for travelling. Make sure that your purse has a zipper because the hands of the theft cannot easily gain access into your bag.

Price-Of course, you also have to consider the price of the purse. You don’t have to buy a purse that costs $85 just because the features that are mentioned above are present in the purse. Look for a good quality purse that you know you can rely on when travelling for a reasonable price only.


Now that you know what kind of purse to buy, you should also consider the type of purse to avoid. Those large sack-like bohemian style that is made out of thin fabric are mostly found in beach towns for sale for souvenirs. While this is cute, do not use this kind of purse when you are travelling because it can be easily grabbed from your shoulder, it can be slashed because of the thin fabric and it invites an open access to the hands of the thief to pull out your wallet from inside your bag.

If you are planning to use this bag, make sure that you don’t put your valuable things inside. You can just put your towel, clothes, eyeglasses and sunscreen inside but your valuable items such as wallet, keys, phone and other gadgets should be put in a more secured and durable leather backpack purse.


When you are travelling, as much as you wanted to enjoy the view and explore the area, you might want to consider protecting your important belongings. Purchasing a durable and high quality leather backpack purse is a must when you are wandering around a place that is not familiar to you.

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