A guide to buying a ruby ring: Advice to follow when picking one out

A ruby ring can be a great alternative to picking out a diamond or crystal jewellery. Rubies will look brilliant and still look amazing, and sometimes rubies can look even more beautiful compared to other types of precious gemstones. If you are on the lookout for a ring that you need to give as an engagement present, or even as an anniversary gift, you cannot go wrong with giving your significant other a ruby ring. However, there are a few things to remember when picking out your ruby ring. Rubies are after all a gemstone, and the value of the gemstone will depend on some different factors. If you want to know what to look for when you are buying a ruby ring, here are a few things to look out for when choosing jewellery with a ruby gemstone.


Colour of the Ruby

All proper rubies should, of course, be red, but different rubies have varying intensities of that red colour. The more high-quality and expensive a ruby is, the deeper and more intense the red colour of the ruby. A ruby with a deeper red colour also looks much more beautiful than any other kind of ruby. You will want to pick out a ruby that has a darker tone of red; this means a ruby that looks like a dark red or scarlet should be picked out. Next, you will want to pick a ruby that does not have any other hue in it. Avoid rubies that have a yellow or even orange colour in its hue, always buy rubies that have a pure red hue. Finally, pick rubies that are more vividly red, rubies that have a more vivid and intense red colour are worth more than other kinds of rubies.


Cut off the gemstone

Each gemstone that you buy will have a different cut; this is also true for rubies. The kind of cut that a ruby has can affect its beauty and value, so you have to be able to pick out a ruby that has a good cut. This is because the cut of a ruby can change how the light bounces around inside the gemstone, which could affect the beauty of the ruby. You will want to pick out a ruby that has a cut that enhances the depth of the stone. Pick out a ruby with a cut that is neither too deep nor too shallow; a cut should be not as wide as the Ruby is tall. Another thing to remember is that a ruby that is poorly cut can more easily break when compared to stones that do have a high-quality cut.


Clarity of the Ruby

Another thing you have to remember when you pick out a ruby is to look at the clarity of the ruby. You have to check whether or not the Ruby has any impurities within it. A good ruby gemstone should be clear and free from anything that could mar its beauty from the inside.

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