Neil Lane Engagement Rings: Must for Wedding Occasion

Who Isn’t Excited by the Occasion of  an Engagement?

To be candid, the majority of people wait for the event that is scheduled prior to marriage. It is marked by the arrival of the guests from all hues when the bride and the bridegrooms are dressed to kill. No occasion is complete without jewelry and engagement is no stranger to the fact but how to find the best ring when so many options are available in the market. Visit any store and you will find dime a dozen jewelry claiming to be the best. In such case, making haste is the last thing you want because hurry and scurry will only lead to the selection of the wrong product both price and quality wise.Hold the Neil lane engagement rings

If you are wondering what should be the criteria for selection, remember that they are quality, cost, and popularity. You may also like to know trending styles that are popular among the people. Personal preferences too have to be taken into account. For instance, if you are gifting engagement ring to the spouse do enquire whether she likes the classic or traditional style. Some like shiny diamond ring while the others prefer more subtle version. In short, more varieties mean more confusion but that’s in where Neil lane brand steps in. Not only its ring is unique, the whole appearance of the jewelry line bedazzles the eye. One look at the product and everything becomes clear as the symbol of love nicely fits over the finger.


Hold the Neil lane engagement rings and you will be surprised to know that how smooth it is in spite of so many design elements incorporated into the body. Laced with precious metals, they are compact and boast of contemporary design. Gift it to your spouse during the auspicious occasion and bring smiles to her face.

Design Features:

 The product is studded with 14K white gold and the front tapers in the form of a queen’s crown. Crystallized design imparts royal look and feels to your beloved. She will look gorgeous and the center of attraction by wearing the engagement ring.

Created from the exquisite craftsmanship of expert designers, the ring comprises of 3/4CT purity and is an epitome of style as well as durability. Appearance is complemented by a marquise diamond studded at the center of the ring. In fact, the whole shape of the jewel rises like a crescendo from the sides and melts into the diamond with all its galore and simplicity.

Adding miligrain detailing to the ring makes it extremely exclusive and eliminates trace of casualty if any. What more, the row of diamonds embedded on the side increases the luster of the product? Reflections inside the frame transform the ring into a shiny geometrical figure that captivates the imagination of the people.

Neil lane engagement rings imbibe scrollwork art form with spiraling scrolls all over their length and breadth. Experienced craftsmen use saw to carve out different figures and add more ornamentation to the ring, so, instead of simplistic design, the

As far as the scrollwork is concerned, it is accomplished with the help of manual expertise. Not an iota of a machine component is used to complete the professional finishing visible in the engagement ring. Hold the product in your hand and analyze the jagged edges that are in a class of their own.


  • The unique selling point of the ring is the trusted brand of Neil lane to which it belongs. A signature in the internal part of the product is visible and reminds the value that it possesses.
  • Since the diamond weight is ¾ carat, it seems light weight with impeccable purity. White gold into the eclectic mix transforms the product into a swanky ring that anyone would vouch for during the engagement ceremony.
  • Neil lane bridal ring has all the aces covered as it incorporates a mixture of oriental and western royal themes. They are blended into a product transcending times right from the Victorian days to modern times.
  • In spite of a small weight of the diamond, the glitz is never in doubt. Log on to the website, zoom the picture and watch how the ring traces its shape from the front to the back with an impeccable grace.
  • Charming appearance is partly due to the slight rise of the ring into a mound-like structure in the front. The border is studded with heavy artwork all across the circumference as it dazzles the people with the razzmatazz.

The engagement ring has become the cynosure of all eyes as it is enmeshed in excellent workmanship. Be it the shine or the smooth surface, all of them make it a perfect gift for once in a lifetime occasion. In short, you should purchase the Neil lane brand to experience the difference.


 Certification is the key while purchasing the engagement ring. What if the Neil lane item offered to you is not genuine? You would end up paying a huge amount of money for a counterfeit product. So, do not get swayed by over the top advertisement but find the retailer that is genuine and stocks only the best products.  Contact only the best jewelers in the area to ensure that the stuff purchased is of impeccable quality. The majority of the time it happens that purity of the ring is far lower as claimed by the dealer and the person ends up paying a hefty sum of money only to be cheated later on. Do not let those incidents happen by contacting the retailers that have an impressive track record of servicing the clients in the past.

White Gold:

 Engagement ring comprises of white gold that actually looks like silver however it is gold combined with other types of metals. Check the appearance of the material and you will find that it generates a very high intensity of reflection. Since white gold is alloy, it is far more lustrous than its original cousin. The real effect of the ring can be gauged when you wear it during the wedding occasion. 90 times out of 100 it will outshine all other jewelry lock stock and barrel as the dullness of the silver doesn’t characterize the white gold.

Comfort Galore:

 In spite of so many embellishments, the ring is gentle on the skin all because of white gold. If you have sensitive skin, do not worry because the metal feels like a feather on the finger. A gift such as Neil lane engagement ring can be soothing not only mentally but physically. Thanks to the genuine craftsmanship, you can now avail the fabulous product that is the dream of every couple. One of the most important design elements of the ring is its oval shape. You can’t help but marvel at the flexibility feature that allows the ring to adjust nicely at the predefined position. Wear it and make others feel envious about your love and compassion towards would be spouse.

Miligrain all the Way:

 Miligrain design component is evidently visible along the edges of the rings to accentuate its appearance. Beads of 14K white gold are joined together by soldering the metals into an entwined chain however some of the lane engagement rings are crafted by transforming the metal surface into a beaded pattern. Series of embellishments around the miligrain frame makes the product an absolute necessity for the long cherished occasion. Due to the design form, the diamond located at the center of the ring is always highlighted and induces royal appearance. Similarly, engravings on the product are also noticeable to the naked eye making ring a unique piece.


 The world TW refers to the total weight of all the smaller diamonds that are studded on the lane engagement rings. 4 carat diamond offers the perfect balance to the ring the moment it is transfixed over the finger. In addition, the 3 CT purity of metal at the center imparts top of the line luster to the product. Impeccable precision combined with a very higher degree of technical acumen has transformed the ring into one of the most desirable products for the people.  Lightweight is another attribute that is a big plus for the ring as it is not too heavy to be worn on the fingers.


 The attribute of Neil lane fashion line is the affordability of the ring. No matter how classy it looks, the cost is still within the budgets of the majority of customers. In fact, after analyzing the ring you might wonder where you would buy such a unique piece at the given price. Scalability coupled by customer-centric service has pulled the prices down and made the engagement ring more affordable.  Unlike the top names in the jewelry industry, Neil lane has decided to take its product to the masses. As a result, engagement rings from the inventory have become quite popular among the prospective customers.


 What is a ring without correct dimension? Do you want to invest a huge amount in the product that is not compatible with the finger size? If the answer is no, it is vital to check the width of the product and then take a decision. In case you are buying online, do not forget to read the specifications or else you may get a wrong product. The trick is not to get overexcited on seeing the picture of the ring but to do careful research and ensure that the dimension exactly fits the finger. If you are not sure about the measurement, visit a nearby store and get the size of the fingers measured instead of shopping online and receiving a ring that doesn’t fit properly.

Wear Again Appeal:

Of all the brands available in the online and offline market, Neil lane is probably the only one that can be worn at any occasion. So if the ring is value for the money buy, it can’t be termed as an exaggeration.  Picture this; you bought an engagement jewelry that can only be worn once in a lifetime. Is it worth the tall investment? If you have to wear the ring only once, rental jewelry can also be used but since you purchasing the ring, Neil lane is the perfect option. Its appearance is such that you can wear the ring on red carpet occasions too. What more, it perfectly goes with the traditional and contemporary wear. Check out the vibrant colors that glisten through the rings as they celebrate the occasion in great style.

Why Shop Online:

 You can either shop online or offline for the Neil lane engagement ring. Visiting store is a traditional option but it requires commuting however online mode is a far better way because of the plethora of choices available. Do not purchase just on any website but make sure that it is reputed and that is where Amazon comes into the picture. Each product is backed by a warranty and the same goes with an engagement ring. Clear resolution pictures of the items are uploaded along with specifications. What you need to do is to read the information in detail and examine the dimension of the ring before taking the decision.

The engagement ring has lots of emotional value attached to it when compared to other jewelry. It is a gift from one person to another symbolizing lifetime love for each other. The bond is sacred and hence should be celebrated with the best rings available in the market. Actually, the occasion demands the product from the Neil lane stable because be its durability, class or aristocracy it beats the other jewels hands down. Gentle curves combined with a shining piece of diamond at the center makes it quite appealing to the people. When combined with a bridal wear, the appearance is accentuated by many notches and the lady becomes the cynosure of all eyes during the special occasion.

With all aces covered up, Neil lane engagement ring is the best fit for your partner. So what are you waiting for? Visiting Amazon and get one today at an amazing price.