Zales engagement ring

Zales Engagement Ring to Brighten up Your Married Life

Winter season is marked by so many wedding ceremonies and each of them is accompanied by great pomp and show. Bridal wear and jewelry form integral components of ceremonies, however, their eventual selection depends on the personal preferences of the users. Prior to the occasion, necklaces and rings have to be purchased in advance to celebrate the engagement of the bride and the bridegroom.  There are numerous options in the market to choose from starting with traditional to a contemporary style. People are often confused with the types of rings available because every brand name extensively advertises about its attributes. if you are in a dilemma, do not procrastinate but identify what are your personal preference, your favorite color, style and design element. All of them combine together to zero in the on the final selection. What more, if the choice is right, you can become the center of attraction during the engagement ceremony.

Zales engagement ring

With Zales engagement ring, you need to look no further because the product is an amalgamation of unique features that probably no other brand has. Exquisite finesse can be seen in the way the ring is created. Its contours and heavily decorated design all point to the glitz and glamour that the ring entails. Although the circumference seems to be simplistically created, the diamond at the center takes the cake in terms of appearance. It shines through the subtle picture like a unique beacon ready to capture the imagination of the people. Wear the ring at the time of the ceremony along with the white bridal dress. Instead of overshadowing your appearance, the product complements the look to a great extent. Once it adorns the fingers, the ring accentuates the overall personality and you will be the twinkle of the eyes of your beloved.

Although a lot is written about the Zales engagement ring in the previous paragraph, let’s examine each of its features in detail:


 One of the most important components that form the ring is the white gold. It is not only durable but also very stylish.  Since the metal is an alloy of gold, it is combined with white elements such as palladium or manganese. Both these materials add more strength to the malleability of the metal making it ideal for creating rings and jewelry. In fact, white gold comprises of 90% of gold by weight and 10% by copper. Zales engagement ring is thus second to none in appearance and durability. Apart from being scratch resistant, white metal helps to enhance the appearance of the white diamonds when compared to its yellow cousin.  If you have a fair or rosy skin, the ring would go a long way in grabbing the eyeballs during engagement ceremony.


 As far as the purity is concerned, Zales engagement ring imbibes 18K white gold that in mathematical terms comprises of more than 80% pure gold. In shorts, a very small amount of filler material is used to create the product. Since 18K is the softest of gold, it can be customized into different forms as per the preferences of the customers. In addition, the purity imparts more lusters and makes it a high-quality piece when compared to other rings available in the market.

If you thought that purity doesn’t have an overall impact on the ring, think twice because 18K white gold is more suited to individuals that are allergic to the filler elements such as nickel. Therefore, the latest offering from Zales has health benefits too apart from the style. You can wear the ring during engagement occasion and flaunt it to the guests in great style.

Purity is a very important factor that is taken into account while selecting the ring. The 18k ring can beat any product sporting 10 or 14k configuration. That is why Zales engagement ring towers above the similar products available in the market.

It looks cool on the fingers and radiates an aristocratic look. Unlike other pure diamonds, the ring doesn’t lose shine and symbolizes eternal love of the spouse.


The engagement ring is actually a solitaire with the capability to enhance the beauty of the diamond. A carefully selected setting is required to make the product an enviable piece of attraction. Simplicity is profoundly expressed in the design element and expensive artwork is discarded to emphasize the importance of the diamond. The whole design form is mutually exclusive and a far cry from the embroidered settings that we are too accustomed to. A single diamond mounted on the solitaire appears to be like a crown arched upwards with full glory and grandeur.

After looking at the Zales engagement ring, one cannot help but marvel at the amazing finishing of the product. The product actually sends a very strong message of love in a very subtle way due to its streamlined design.  Its 4 pronged setting appeals to a large number of users who do not want over the top decoration of the engagement ring.

Ring thickness is one of the most important attributes that have to be taken into account while selecting the suitable solitaire. Sometimes, even if the size of the diamond is not big, the tapered shank can make it do so. The technique of optical illusion is induced by the usage of white gold in creating the ring. Besides, diamonds are known to blend in a better way with the white metals when compared to the colored metals such as yellow and rose gold.

1.11 ct E I1:

 1.11 CT of diamond instantly attracts the attention of the people. Strutting out against the neutral settings, the piece of art actually, epitomizes love of the spouse for each other. You can relish how it easily fixes over the finger and still grabs eyeballs even with the simplistic background. The width of the solitaire is large to supplement the overall looks of the bride. Although the ring boasts of contemporary style design, its subtle way of expression reminds of the vintage theme.

Diamond encrusted in the ring belongs to the i1 clarity enhanced category. In fact, it is a new type that is slowly becoming popular among the people in recent times.  By using state of art equipment, the craftsman uses feather filled strategy in order to process such diamonds. In natural forms, all types of diamonds have imperfections that denote attributes ranging from size and number to location. Using the clarity enhancement processes all dark and white spots are filled to enhance the luster by many notches. For instance, all the white inclusions are removed with the help of the feather filled technique. Materials used for the filling purposes are bestowed with optical properties that help to reflect the light to a great extent.

Diamond that had the subtle appearance is transformed into a shiny piece of metal after the feathered technology treatment. One of the benefits of the process is that the diamond appears to be far cleaner than before. In addition, the clarity grade of the diamond also improves to i1 category.

The major advantage of the 1.1 C t I1 is the cost that is significantly less than that of 12 diamonds. It also plays an important role in making the Zales engagement ring affordable to the users. Moreover, with redefined clarity, people can buy a bigger diamond for the same price. What more, the product would look awesome when it is embedded in the simplistic design of the ring.

The durability of the diamond increases with the feather treatment process, therefore it doesn’t wear and tears ever after persistent usage. If you are thinking that fillings would come out of the inclusion, you are highly mistaken.  They are durable and even can withstand higher temperature.


 The cost advantage of the Zales engagement ring cannot be discounted as it is a solitaire ring devoid of all the razzmatazz. It is specifically suited for the users who have a fixed budget to shop for. Even with a lower price, the ring can leave an everlasting impact on the bride. Add Zale appraisal card to the mix and get free maintenance for a lifetime every six months. Cleaning and inspection are carried out on regular basis and the record is mentioned in the card. As a result, the product will last for a very long time and provide full value for money to the clients. Compare it to the other vendors and find how offering from Zales is far superior both in terms of quality and customer service. Verification of inspection is also done by the company regularly and if the diamond is losing luster, it is exposed to suitable treatments for the restoration of its original grandeur.


 In spite of 18K diamond, the ring is lightweight with 3.4gm. It can be easily worn on the finger without experiencing stress or strain. The product doesn’t cause rashes on the skin as it is made of highly pure gold. The light weight of the ring ensures that it can be easily carried from one place to another without any problem. Due to lower width, you will find solitaire more comfortable to wear than those comprising of highly decorated settings. In addition, Zales engagement ring also offers nice weight balance to the fingers and doesn’t feel very light or heavy. In short, you will feel comfortable during parties, functions, and engagement events.


 Since the ring is devoid of over the top embellishments, it can be worn on many occasions. For instance, apart from engagement ceremony, you can also wear it during parties and other events.

Size 6 ½

 The Size 6 ½ indicates that the ring is compatible with all types of finger size. It is adjustable and flexible to attract the attention of the people with a traditional glow. What more, ring is not overtly stylish, therefore it can be used in subtle ways to capture the attention of the people.

If you are not sure about the size of the finger, it is important to visit the local jewelry shop and get the accurate measurement. One of the most important factors that have to be kept in mind is that measurement should be performed with the help of the steel ring. Measuring the finger just after the bath can lead to inaccurate readings because the skin swells due to fluid deposition. Strip method is also not correct for checking the size of the fingers.

Do it yourself strategy can be used to find the circumference of the ring and once the correct results are obtained, it becomes a cake walk to select the suitably sized product.

Buying the stuff online:

 You can purchase Zales engagement ring online because there are so many options to choose from. The only aspect that has to be considered is the selection of the retailer. Due to the proliferation of the internet, lots of online dealers have sprung up with tall promises of delivering quality products at the doorsteps however in the real world they are found wanting.

In order to ensure that only genuine Zales engagement ring with suitable warranty is available, shop from Amazon that has billions of customers in its fold. They can testify to the quality of the customer service and products. You should analyze the specifications in detail before zeroing in on the final choice.

Shopping at Amazon provides a discount to the users however it is important to look for the same on a regular basis. Zales engagement ring is pretty affordable when compared with 14K white gold rings that are heavily ornamented. Not only it is more comfortable, you can also enjoy wearing the ring to make the style statement.


 The appearance of the ring is amazing with a thin solitaire and a brilliant diamond at the center. Both supplement the appearance without any hassles. Crystal clear appearance of the crown imparts elegance to the personality and ensures that you are the center of attraction during the engagement ceremony.

All said and done, Zales engagement ring would continue to be the focus of the customer this wedding season. So, do not delay and buy one for your beloved.